Short and simple, we want the world to experience longboarding for what it’s worth. A stress-relief, a form of travel and fun, and a connection between people of all types. Longboarding doesn’t require a season pass or expensive gear. It doesn’t require the perfect conditions or a large group of people. Longboarding is independence and we want everyone from all over the world to experience the amazing sensation that we’ve known longboarding to give. If your new to the idea, a long-time cruiser, or a longboarding company, we want you to contact us and tell us your story. We love working with people and businesses to promote top of the line products and amazing customer service. Contact@LongboardNOW.com We also make music now too! Check out our rap music and recording studio if thats what your into.

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  1. hey guys, nice to see more people into longboarding. Longboarding has rapidly become my passion, i now skate almost every day and its amazing. I ride a Globe 42″ bamboo, a home made 48″ dancer and a 31″ globe tracer. I love all of these boards and the feelings they give me.

    i’ve recently started to get into the making of boards, i made my dancer out of a solid plank of wood, and im currently making a mini for my friend. my brand name is Ballroom Boards, we are an australian company.

  2. We’re always looking for new companies to promote. Drop me a line at contact @ longboardnow.com with some information!

  3. Hey man! It’s awesome to see so many longboarders coming out of the woods, about a month ago me and my buddies decided to go out at about 1 in the morning and there were about 30 other students up there longboarding, it was an epic sight that I hope to see many more time. Then about two weeks after that a kid handed me a flyer to start a longboarding club at my school (North Carolina State University), it made me so happy to read that and to always have people to go longboarding with! I ride a 42″ pin-koa arbor deck and I have a landyachtz nine two five coming in the mail, can’t wait to ride it! I also do photography for longboarding, i’m just starting to get into the photography part and want to learn more and am always looking for advice or help and would love to tag along with a pro sometime.

  4. That’s sweet man! I love longboarding in groups. Your not that far, do you have any pictures yet?

  5. My friend and I just started, Stalk It Longboard Club Dallas on FB.

    We have a passion for longboarding in the Dallas area and started meeting on Sundays at 4:00 pm to cruise the Katy Trail. Meet at the Knox Street entrance on the North side.
    Always were a helmet!

    We had a blast on our inaugural longboarding run at Katy Trail last Sunday. For those of you in DFW looking to ride in a group, we look forward to seeing you at Katy Trail this Sunday at 4:00 PM. You can look at pics from last week’s ride and join the club at “Stalk It Longboard Club Dallas” on Facebook.

    “Find a good cause and Stalk It”

  6. I bet Dallas has some nasty hills… That sounds great my brother

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